Yaabitech Server Download

Yaabitech Server Download

The best localhost server for PHP and cross plotform websites. Local network server free download.

Advantages of Yaabitech Server Application

  1. Simple installation. No complexity in settings or features. Easy to understand.
  2. The port can be changed. Thus many servers can be run at the same time. So you can work multiple projects simultaneously.
  3. Access from local network simply using the local ip address
  4. Can view the output in any browser in any platform like Android, iOS, Linux, etc. So you can check your web application in your mobile also while developing it in localhost.
  5. Light-weight application. Mariadb database can be installed separately.

Download Exe for Windows

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How to use?

Your application folder should be in D, E or any other drives to support all features like file permissions, etc. Don't install in C drive which has Operating System. Because, you'll place your web codings inside the application folder.