Video and and audio editing | Yaabitech

Visual Editing

Analog editing, Digital edititng, Linear & Non-Linear editing, etc.

After Effects Work

3D Channel Extract effect, Depth Matte effect, Depth Of Field effect, Fog 3D effect, ID Matte effect, etc.


Latest Songs & Music, Videos, Audios, Images, etc.

Video Editing

Analog editing, Digital edititng, Linear & Non-Linear editing, etc.


Best Satisfaction, Relationship builders, Master of Complexity, Publishing, etc.

Short Film and Movie Editing

Attractive and creative Short film, Animation Movie Editing, etc.

Film Making

Animative Film Making, Short Film, Movie Editing, etc.

Advertisement Video Making

Advertising Videos, Advertising Short Film, Animative Advertisement, etc.

Audio Editing

High Definition Audio Editing, Voice Editing, Cross platform, Volume Adjustment, etc.

Noise Removal

Remove Unnecesary Voice & noice.

Signal Mixture

Analog Mixture, Digital Mixture, Powered Mixture, etc.

3D Visual Effects

Simulation FX, Animation, Modelling, Matte painting, compositing, etc.

3D Modelling

Making 3D Animation, Interior designing, 3D Architecting, Industrial design, etc.


Good Finishing Video & Audio Quality.

Motion Tracking

One point Track, Two point Track, Corner pin Track, Spline Tracking, etc.

Background Change

Solid color backgrounds, Illustrative backgrounds, Image backgrounds, etc.


Ambient lighting(General lighting), Task lighting, Accent lighting, etc.

Character Modelling

Making 3D Animation, Games, VFX-Making Sense of Maya, etc.


short film dubbing, animtion movie or video dubbing, Movie dubbing, etc.

Subtitle Making

Making Subtitle for Movies,Shorfilms,Animation Movie,videos,etc.