YAABITECH - An Ultimate Solution for Soft Generation. We provide a lot of software and designing services and offer free tutorial videos and PDFs so you can learn anything through both online and offline.

Training and development services like Billing softwares, inventory systems, auditing softwares, all website design and developments, android developments, video editing and multimedia works, graphic design, workshops and training, social services like blood donation directory, whatsapp groups directory, YT calendar, YT share services, etc.

We, the team is available for 24 hours. All your needs are fulfilled as soon as possible. We do the best quality design and development at cheap cost. This is because we are interested in service not in business. We are happy to talk to you; happy to support for you and your business. People have a lot of sources to make their life and business the best. But the only demerit is that they are lagging in technical knowledge. So we are not only doing software services but also offering free software tutorial both online and offline.


To step into the next generation.


To design the world, develop people and make their life easier in software world. Everything in design, development and training will be in Yaabitech.


Yaabitech was started on Nov 19, 2016 just for sharing useful technical news and informations among college students to aware and improve their knowledge in modern world. Then it expanded to provide design and development services also on Jan 1, 2017. Many small projects like website development, application development, logo, brochure, business cards, video editing were done. On March 1, 2017 training services were included. Then many technical workshops were conducted in varous colleges. In Feb 2018 the company registered under GSTIN. It has been successfully running with hundreds of clients, thousands of projects and 5000 page-views per day. Now it becomes one of the leading software brand in the field. We work hard to provide the best quality in all of our products and services.

Thanks for the support for all contributors, valuable clients and our employees.